Services Shipping Agency

Solomonides Shipping Services Ltd., gives top quality personal service and tailor-made solutions to its principals through a motivated team and a deep maritime culture. We are proud to offer you the very best and most dedicated service for all the needs of a ship's call, both for port and shore handling operations with maximum efficiency.

Solomonides Shipping Services Ltd., with a solid background and more than fifty years of service to the shipping, commerce and industry communities, has extensive experience in all aspects of Shipping Agency. We attend to all types of ships in all Cyprus Ports and Oil Terminals, providing first class service to vessels consigned to our care as follows:

 Oil Tankers
 Navy vessels
 Ferry & Ro-Ro
 Offshore Oil Rigs
 General Cargo (timber, steel)
 Ship-to-Ship (STS) Transfers
 Oil and natural gas drilling rigs
 LPG / LNG vessels (Roadstead)
 Bulk Cargo (coal, grain, cement)
 Cruise passengers turn around operations